"When I began working with Elke I was paralyzed by fear of failure and fear of success. Having just landed a prestigious book deal, I suddenly found I couldn't make a single decision. Elke helped me see how fear kept me from trusting myself, thereby crippling my growth as an author and small business owner. She gave me a plan to recognize and eliminate procrastination habits. I now have the tools to push through fear and recognize that imperfect decisions are better than no decision. The book is out in the world - but the benefits of her coaching didn't end with one project. The skills Elke taught me continue to quietly shape my work - and I expect they always will. "

 Sasha Martin, author of Life From Scratch: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Forgiveness (National Geographic) and founder of the blog GLOBAL TABLE ADVENTURE

Working with Elke Saeubert for the last six months has been an absolute joy. We set objectives for our six months of coaching and have worked together to meet and exceed the expectations. Elke is easy to talk with while also holding you accountable to get your desired results. The readings, videos, exercises and discussions shared with Elke provided valuable information that helped to shape me into the person I want to be. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to work with Elke, this experience has enhanced my life (work life and personal life) in more ways than I imagined.
— Audrey Salberg, Executive Administrative Manager, Triple Crown Sports
I highly recommend Elke Säubert as a Coach for anyone looking to find or restore perspective and balance in their life. In 2014, I found myself overwhelmed with work and unable to “see the forest for the trees”. I seriously needed a change; I was continuing to push on doing the same things in the same ways, becoming more and more stressed. Elke entered the picture and, after a brief period where we examined my propensities and talked about my goals, she introduced me to a variety of methods that were a great fit for me. She used her knowledge, skills and intuition to help me identify my strengths and use them productively and to begin doing things differently for different results. She will work with you to customize a plan; for me, the plan included looking at some long-held assumptions and exploring ways to decrease the stress level. With her help, I have been able to change perspective. Thanks to Elke and our work over a 6 month period, I am now better able to focus and prioritize and have gained a more fulfilling life balance.
— Lindi S., Vice President of Program Operations, Volunteers of America
Elke’s tutelage has assisted me with thought processes and better skills to guide my staff. I am more hands off and delegating without fear of failure. Elke has a great gift and I am excited to move forward with the use of the tools and skills she has provided to me. Many, many thanks!
— Torey A. Dixon, Division Director, Volunteers of America
I had the privilege to work with Elke as an executive coach. It was a VERY positive experience. Her approach and application was exactly what I was looking for. My experience working with her has proven to be very valuable and will continue well into the future. It is definitely one of the best training and development opportunities I have been a part of. THANK YOU ELKE!
— Jason Nowak, Chief Financial Officer, Triple Crown Sports