As an integral coach, I work with my clients from a holistic approach. Thus I address and work with the emotional, relational, cognitive, social, body-related and meaning-based aspects of life. I will help you develop new perspectives, behaviors, and skills that allow you to address the most important issues you are facing. 

The Coaching Process

  1. Get-to-know meeting (complementary)
    One of the prerequisites for coaching to be effective is that your coach is a good "fit" for you personally.  To find out if I'm the right coach for you, I offer a complementary first 1.5 hour meeting. You'll learn more about my approach, my style, and how comfortable you feel talking with me. I'll learn more about the issues you want to work on, your goals and expectations. 
  2. Initial interview
    After you decided that I am the right coach for you, I will gather as much information about you and the issue you want to address as possible. Getting to know you as a whole human being helps us get to the core of the issues. 
  3. Assessment and design of individual development plan
    Based on the initial interview, I make an assessment of what I have learned about you and design a development plan tailored to your needs.
  4. Delivery of development plan
    Our first coaching session includes a review of the proposed development plan, including purpose, outcomes and exercises. In this session, we discuss the program and its benefits to determine if it is a good fit or which adjustments are needed.
  5. Ongoing support in reaching your goals
    Our future meetings include program evolution;  the value of what you are learning about yourself and others; and address potential challenges. I will encourage and support you, ask questions, listen deeply, and observe. I will make recommendations, and offer new tools for development and lasting growth.
  6. Final session
    In our final session, we review your progress and the effectiveness of the program. We discuss how to sustain new behaviors and competencies and how to continue in your self-development progress for ongoing success, as well as how to handle future challenges.

I offer 3-, 6-, and 9-months coaching packages, depending on your personal needs. Changing behaviors and developing new skills take time. Therefore, to achieve meaningful and sustainable success a at least 6-month program is recommended.

I work with my clients in person or via Skype depending on their needs. I coach in English and German.  
Please contact me for rates and to schedule your complementary session.