The fish is the last to discover water. It is the same with noticing our own culture. We are so immersed in it that we see it as the only and right way of being and acting.  Moving to another country gets you out of your water, it makes you dive into another pond where the water feels different, maybe colder and not as comfortable as one's own pond. It might be exciting or scary depending on your ability and willingness to adapt to the new feel. Becoming aware of one’s own cultural idiosyncrasy is a first step to understand that there are other “only right ways” in this world. Seeing the different ways of thinking and acting as enriching and being able to leverage them helps you to be a successful leader in a global world. 

I support expatriates and their spouses, leaders of multicultural teams, and people with international business relationships so that they develop greater understanding and ability to adapt to the different ways of living, working, communicating and leading teams. My coaching helps them thrive in a culturally diverse environment.

How can I support you?

  • Build cultural awareness
  • Communicate effectively cross borders
  • Generate mutual understanding for different values, behaviors, leadership styles, communication styles
  • Lead multicultural teams effectively
  • Work successfully with your peers, customers, boss and business partners in another culture
  • Give feedback in a culturally appropriate way and understand feedback the right way
  • Increase your ability to build trustful relationships
  • Improve your skills to address and resolve conflicts in a culturally appropriate way
  • Mitigate culture shock 

I embed a profound integral coaching methodology into my cross-cultural coaching approach. This means not only will I take cultural aspects into account (like your or your team members “American-ness,” “German-ness,” Swiss-ness, etc.), but also your individual and unique way of being in this culture or personal way of handling cultural diversity in teams or with business partners.

Contact me to schedule your complementary session and to find out how I can put my international experience to work for you.